Nirvana Shop Seed Bank Reviews

July 2, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Seed Bank Reviews

Nirvana Seed Bank
has been in the Cannabis Industry since the late 1980’s and after many years traveling and collecting seeds their founder, Mau officially launched this legendary seed bank in 1995 in Amsterdam. This shop continues to delight and surprise their loyal customers every years with more reliable strains that meets the industry’s demands such as their new line of High CDB and Autoflowering strains that have a high medical value. This attention to their customer combined with experience and knowledge has given Nirvana Seed Bank many reasons to boast about quality as well as their legend status.

nirvana-banner-250x250-1-1-1Nirvana has been breeding strains and selling cannabis seeds for over 20 years. All seeds are being shipped in stealth packaging, straight from the source. Nirvana only carries strains that they grow which guarantees freshness and quality. No crushed seeds or seeds that have been sitting on the shelf for years. All seed stock is regularly rotated through sales on their site as well as other seedbanks around the world. This means you not only get a quality supply of cannabis seeds but you get it at an economical price you can afford. You can see their strains here: Nirvana Seeds

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